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So, I got my STD test results back and I hit positive for BV. I was pretty shocked, because the last time I had unprotected sex was over 20 years ago. The doctor told me it actually always isn't an STD, but that women can get it other ways. I have had zero symptoms, so I guess that is good. I have an antibiotic to take for a week, and then I am good to go. Which works out wonderfully, because M is scheduled to get his results back next Wednesday. He asked me to go with him, since he is anxious. I am going to do that, of course. I told him about my test results, and he seemed ok about them. I was nervous that he would be freaked out, but he seemed ok about it. I told him I got the printouts showing I was negative on all the really scary stuff, but he said he didn't feel he needed to see them - he trusts me. I told him he could frame all 6 pages if he wanted, I didn't care!

I messaged with M's wife, H, a lot yesterday and I think we talked through most of the issues she was having. She was concerned because tomorrow M is coming for his first overnight at my place. ( I am still on my period, we don't have his test results back yet, and now I have to take this antibiotic for a week, so we are just going to snuggle.) What she said was that she was worried about drama because my husband will be home, and in the spare bedroom. When I explained that my husband had suggested he use the spare room and that we had talked it out thoroughly, I think that allayed some of her concerns. I have zero thought that my husband will have drama about anything. If he becomes uncomfortable, he is very good about letting me know!

Right now, in spite of the positive diagnosis, I am a very happy person. I am really looking forward to seeing M tomorrow and having him over to my house. We are getting together because my husband and I are hosting a Star Wars Trivial Pursuit game with a group of friends, along with dinner. These peeps all know I am poly, so it should all be ok there. This will be the first time that I am hosting an event with both my hubby and boyfriend present! I am not worried about that though. Mostly I am focused on cleaning, and getting things ready for the dinner.

The game is prep for an area trivia contest taking place this weekend, where all of us are going to compete as a team. The prizes are all Star Wars related, so it should be a blast! It feels nice that M and I share this nerdy interest!
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