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Default Whew and where to from here

I texted my date from last week. I knew that night with all the groping he wouldn't call. I let him know I had fun but hope he has good luck on future dates. He replies back he had no attraction. My response was LOL because how he attacked me outside the bar and played with me in the backseat of my van, WHEW, there was an attraction. I hate saying this but when he asked about DH & PR's size, I think an inferiority complex hit him. Oh well. He didn't respect me and I got some experience with a first date. DH says it's because I wouldn't let him have actual sex with me. If that is the kind of guy M is, than good riddance.

Sunday night DH had a date after work. So what do two married poly people do when they go out with a date, grope and play in the backseat of their van! Let's call DH's friend NK. They work together, have been flirting for months. NK told DH on Saturday he had woo'd her. The only issue both DH and I have is NK has a serious boyfriend and we doubt they are poly. This weekend he's planning to talk with NK about us, poly, etc. He had told NK I was okay with things, but not the full extent. DH's pretty much hooked on her.

And I feel no insecurities. I was a bit bothered when he started telling me things but not as if he's comparing us, but because he's been the emotional rollercoaster. DH is still dealing with his insecurities. He was fine with my date with M, but there is one guy I really, really like. Anytime KB texts me, DH pretty much has thrown a tissy fit, so I've put off and have kept putting off meeting KB. Well after last night's freak out by DH, he tells me I should make a date with KB. So I did! Next Tuesday during the day. DH is actually going to watch the kids so I can meet KB.

Other good news: I was offered the tax accountant position!!!! First three months is just under $2/hour of what I asked for. It's salary, so I'll receive many more benefits after 90 days plus a raise to what I asked for. I was torn about taking it. But I'd bring in, alone, more than what DH and I currently bring in together. I got over 7 awesome months with my baby girl that I never had with the other two but the family's financial health required me to take the position. I start on the 16th. I had to give the moms of the boys I watch time to find another place. And I have to too.

Now we're trying to get a newer vehicle. The van is about to break apart (and I mean this literally, the struts are grinding against the body etc, sounds nasty). So I wait and wait for the call from the bank. Going in the direction of financing first rather than wasting time looking at cars only to be disappointed.

Then I've been chatting with a guy on fetlife who wants to hang out. I just don't know when I'll have time but might meet him this weekend. He said to call him BJ (did tell me his first name) so that's who he'll be on here. I better ask how tall he is before I make any plans.

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