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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
So what youre saying ... size matters Are there any other size requirements (minimums ) these new suitors should know about ?

A recently divorced male friend of mine is having the same problem with the weight (size ) of some of the lady's he's met on line. The dilemma is put the requirement in the profile page and weather the negative comments or waste a lot of time on first dates

LOL not always but it might, just depends on how well they know how to use it.

Yeah, a height requirement might be a good idea. I always check details but this guy didn't have his filled out. I don't worry about the negative comments, it's not like it's facebook where it appears on my wall for the world to see.

I'm very forthcoming on mine. I say I'm a bbw (I am told I'm not) but it's better safe to put that out there then the guy/girl has zero surprises.
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