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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
I admit I've got a thing for tall men too. My ex of 30 years was just my height. Before I met him I'd also been attracted to taller men. I'm 5'7" and somehow swoon over guys 6 foot tall or preferably taller. It's strange.

Ginger is 6'3". miss pixi is only 5'4" but that's ok because she's a girl!

I am kind of ashamed of my preference for tall men. But there you go. They make me feel little and protected I guess. Which is stupid because I like being tall and powerful.
Don't be ashamed, it's what I call about myself a "quirk". Even back in college shorter guys just didn't make me feel like a girlie girl (even though I am one). Now after three kids and a maturer body, my preference is much stronger.

I admit I am willing to see someone shorter than 5'11 but this guy I just didn't find as attractive as I first thought.
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