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Originally Posted by Dagferi View Post
Unless a man had it done in adulthood that is within his control how?

I am amazed at people who write potentially wonderful partners for superficial things bbeyond their control. Why judge a book solely by its cover.
Foreskin is something thats a huge dealbreaker for a lot of people. It has caused a LOT of discussions both here and fetlife in the past. That one isn't surprising at all.

I have some funny horrible stories about my teenage years. My generation and my area, everyone was cut. I wasn't. Teenage girls can be rather heartless in their assessments of manhood..

I found it most interesting that the above poster had the affect the other way. I have rarely seen that.

And if someone's scent turns me off, it's a "no" right out of the gate.
There is a genetic selection component to smell which makes this true for anyone. You could almost say its not a choice since its your genetics finding an appropriate match.

I know smell for me is the most important factor in any partner selection.
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