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Originally Posted by amandatwopointoh View Post
I spend time with my husband on weekends (also some chores and some playtime) but my boyfriend likes to do things with me as well. My husband feels like this is time I should spend with him. I try to do things with both.
You have multiple partners with limited time to offer who have a high desire to spend time with you. This sounds like an awesome problem to have.

Something to keep in mind, just because a partner has time available to spend with me doesn't mean they are going to spend it with me. They might spend time with friends, run errands, want some time alone, get a part time project, or whatever. If I want time with a partner I am well within my right to ask for it... if they don't want to or can't they are well within their right to tell me "no". There seems to be an assumption that these two people are entitled to splitting your available time and that is not necessarily a good thing.

If hubby wants time with you why don't you guys schedule a "hubby only" weekend slot. Is that what is being requested? Or does hubby assume that any of his free time should be filled with your attention?
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