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One of the most valuable lessons in dealing with other people was something I learned on an online game. It was a MUD (kind of like World of Warcraft but text based) and I would adventure with one of my friends fron another school. I would usually get on, read the forums in game and take care of any inventory stuff. Then i would see who was on. If i saw her, I would say something to her.

However, she usually saw me online first and would be the first to say "hello." She once told me that it bothered her that she was always first to greet me. So I told her what I did and said I would look for her online first and say hello to her.

She said that was not what she wanted. I couldn't understand. I just solved the problem and I would be saying hello to her first. She said that part was unimportant. What she really wanted to know was that I did want to talk to her when I got online. She said she just needed to get her feelings heard and the typical guy response is to try to fix it when all she wanted was to talk about how she felt.

With this new knowledge, I was about to understand a lot more things my girlfriend was telling me. So I learned it is ok to talk about a problem with the intent is just to communicate and not fix.
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