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I use a program and app called SuperBetter to help me work on major life issues. Over the last few years, I have been completing quests and giving myself power-ups to meet my goals. One of those quests was to ask people what they think about me - how I sparkle and why I rock. These are some of the responses:

I admire that you are so outgoing. You're never afraid to talk to total strangers. Because you are so open and honest with everyone, they feel comfortable being open and honest with you.

You give love generously.

You've already made such a difference in my life and motivated me to better myself in ways I never thought I could or would.

You look at things from a fair and mature viewpoint & give value to people who may not think they have it themselves.

You care about, root for (and assist) the underdog. You shine the whole time they are "giving it their all" and mega-shine when they succeed!

You smile with your eyes as well as your mouth. Your eyes are so expressive! I think they work that way because you're so passionate about everything that your emotion fills you right up to the top. They say that that the eyes are the gateways to the soul. I think they were talking about you!

Even when you speak of your inabilities and limitations you do so with an odd combination of graceful introspection and a heart felt smile.


Holy crap, right?! After compiling these for yet another quest - there was no way I couldn't smile and feel good about myself.
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