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I've earned 3 times the average American income in some years, and then now I'm earning below what is average. The two situations are worlds apart when it comes to me being considered by women that are totally single. Sure, married women still like me regardless of my income.
Then as I said earlier, you must not think very much of the women that you're trying to attract.

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So, I'm jaded, but life experiences have been clear evidence of real factors in mate selection. I know, the rules are changed in poly situatons, because I don't need to be a total package. I just don't like being less of a package and feeling like I just fill in a few cracks that are left over.
There are many poly people who don't think of their relationships the way you seem to be. I'm poly and every person I date has to be a "whole package". I don't pick and choose bits from some people and others from other people. Actually a discussion about that very topic has been happening in this thread.

As for your life experiences being clear about what the real factors are for mate selection: Well, I used to think that way. I spent a lot of time in my life thinking that I never met the criteria for what other people would consider attractive and that's why people weren't dating me. The fact was that I was creating that reality with how I was seeing things. When I changed that outlook, I strangely found myself surrounded by crazy sexy attractive people that have wanted to date me.

I don't know what circles you run in, but most of the crazy sexy attractive people I know wouldn't give a rat's ass about how much money you make. The only thing they would find unattractive about that is how much of a rat's ass *you* seem to be giving about it.
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