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Originally Posted by idealist View Post
Welcome to the forum! I agree with a lot of what you have said. When seriously thinking about my personal values, I realized a long time ago that I value freedom over security. So- I have set up a life of freedom and in doing that I realized that I do value security some also. At the same time, I don't feel the need to choose between opposing values. I believe that I (and anyone) can create a life that works for me and even if the life I am creating is based on opposing values.

I have never been married and do not plan on ever doing that. The concept doesn't work for me.

Richard and I have been seeing each other (off and on) for 10 years and when we are together it is simply because we want to be together. We do not have any type of commitment. We don't make promises to each other. We do not have obligations to uphold. We do love one another, and we do not see love as possessing each other. We talk about being together in the future, but do not feel the need to promise that. If it happens, it happens. I also don't want someone to be with me because they made a commitment that they would never leave me. That means nothing to me.

For us, love really thrives in this type of environment!!

Good luck and keep sharing!!
Thank you, this is exactly what I mean: I want to be with some one if they choose to be with me and I choose to be with them, we choose to be with each other and if we so choose we can fuse our life paths together as one.~

I know this may sound weird but I love the idea of when I am with some one I want to be with them every moment no matter what we are doing.~ I want to be in that kind of relationship(s) where we never get tired of each other's company.~

People often have their own "Personal Space" and I respect that much like among other animals: respect or be attacked, but for me personally if someone were to ask me, "What is your Personal Space level?" I would respond, "Personal Space...for me? What's that? Oh, it's THAT?! No thanks I don't think I need that." I do get annoyed or angry or anything some times just like any one else and it could vary based on the person and whether I find them annoying or not, but in general most of the time I'm a cuddly Teddy-Bear ^_^.~

I totally understand what you mean by not making promises, because life is unpredictable: it's sort of like waves in the ocean you can make things harder for yourself by fighting them or you could ride gently guiding yourself to where you want to go along the way.~ Do not worry if you feel an opportunity has passed you by, because all water eventually leads back to the ocean.~ For some things however you can fight the waves, it will not always be easy however as some waves are small while others are great, but if you want it enough you can make it happen, anything is possible.~

Me: I love you. My Love: I love you.
My Love: I want to be with you forever.
Me: Ok. I want to be with you forever. If life or anything shall separate us, then I will climb the highest mountains of purple star sand in the farthest galaxies across time and dimensions to find you. And if I don't I will still smile, for all water eventually returns back to the ocean.~
My Love: Ditto.

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