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Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
Overlooking the fact that you seem to be ranking and rating everyone in this situation (which I think creates it's own problems), if you feel you have the upper hand then what's your problem?

You're the one who brought up wanting to have a more admirable career. I'm simply saying it's only as relevant as you choose to make it. It seems you base a lot of the value of others on looks, career, etc... That's your CHOICE to do so and it's also your CHOICE to subject yourself to that criteria. If that's how you want to roll, then great. Just be prepared to never feel like quite enough with such a value system. Especially as you get older.
I don't have a issue with the isolated situations at poly functions. I literally have options there. I feel anxiety when my girlfriend is having fun with boyfriend #2.

I've earned 3 times the average American income in some years, and then now I'm earning below what is average. The two situations are worlds apart when it comes to me being considered by women that are totally single. Sure, married women still like me regardless of my income.

So, I'm jaded, but life experiences have been clear evidence of real factors in mate selection. I know, the rules are changed in poly situatons, because I don't need to be a total package. I just don't like being less of a package and feeling like I just fill in a few cracks that are left over.
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