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I too do better with a real depth of love. I have that with my husband, I wouldn't ever want it to be any different. This has actually been an issue for me when thinking things through about my ex, I don't think he would desire the kind of connection that I most cherish with people. I suspect when he talks about love and feelings for someone that he just doesn't mean the same things I do, and the things that I am used to from my husband. This is all leading me to believe we may be far better off staying as friends, letting that relationship go to whatever depth it naturally will and seeing what comes of that.

I have the problem even in friendships and family though, I struggle to value surface connection and I always want to share more of myself and to learn more about them than most people want to experience. I'm grateful that I have my husband to meet that need for acceptance and intimacy and one or two really special friends because I often find the rest of the world hard to figure out.
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