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Good morning. I am in really great spirits.

I am finishing up the final touches on our mum/daughter holiday. My daughter has been wanting to go back to Walt Disney World, and I am proud of her for getting such high marks this term. Her term break begins on 20 September, and we are flying out the following morning. As of right now, she has no idea. I cannot wait to surprise her. I am looking forward to spending time with my baby and making memories. We are going to Universal and Islands of Adventure, Legoland, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Busch Gardens, and SeaWorld.

DH and our son are having their own father/son time. Our son is too young to enjoy Disney, and DH is not a fan of the compactness that comes with the territory of visiting the Magic Kingdom. When we return, that week will be set aside for family time/spring holiday here and in another location. We are still deciding where to spend it. As long as our children have something to do, I am not picky. Nanny J is coming along, but she is not going to be on duty much. Just long enough for us to have a date night or two.

Now for the other stuff. So my child walked up to me last week and told me that having three parents was abnormal. She said she was never supposed to have three. She IDed who her parents were--DH and myself. I immediately asked if someone had told her that, and she quickly reminded me, "No, mum. I do have a mind of my own." She understands about single parents, same sex parents, and all of that. None of those are abnormal to her. That brings me to the other issue. Our therapist seems to think that my daughter needs to face my ex and talk to her. I guess she is coming from the angle that empathy needs to be shown towards my ex and that her role in my daughter's life needs to be remembered. That might work if DH and I were the ones stopping her from seeing my ex. I do not know why people are not listening to me. I know my child and what is best for her. What is best for her is keeping her away from the one person she wants nothing to do with. Going against my own better judgement, I ran the idea past her in a hypothetical sense, and she went off. I wish I could feel empathy for my ex. I realise that my children being ripped away from her probably hurt deeply, but what am I supposed to do? Ignore my child's wishes in an attempt to be empathetic to my ex? That would require me to force my child to be around my ex when it is painfully clear that she wants nothing to do with her. I feel for my ex, but I think it is better to let my child move on and possibly forget that she was ever part of her life. It sounds cold and disrespectful to the fact that she was there from my pregnancy to this year, but unless someone else has advice, I am sticking with my decision to protect my child and value her feelings.

Well, we have to leave for morning school runs, so I am off. I hope everyone is doing well. Happy Wednesday.
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