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Thank you so much Kevin T.!~

I don't usually receive such a warm welcome on forums I register with, at least not lately....<.< it's SUCH NICE CHANGE that you all are SOOOO welcoming!~ ^_^

Although the ideals of Relationship Anarchy sounds close to many of my own ideals, I developed my own ideas of what I wanted out of life, love, and relationships all on my own and from everything everywhere.~

I don't like to put labels on ANYTHING, because I feel that I always somehow never quite 'fit' into any label.

To label relationship anarchy: "Relationship Anarchy" and have everyone called who practices "Relationship Anarchy" "friends" amongst each other, well isn't that establishing a system with rules that's labeled otherwise and thus a contradiction?

By establishing a system with it's 'rules' to 'call all within the dynamic 'friends' so as not to be 'limited in freedom', they are in fact establishing and following a system or way of thinking that they initially set-out NOT TO.

I see everything as far more complicated when everyone starts putting labels on everything.

I have no gender for gender is a limiting mental concept and I have no defined sexuality.

I am who I am and I like what I like. If you want to know more specifically about me, then please ask. I know this may seem complicated, but it's going to be complicated at times anyways, at least this feels more 'honest'.

I would rather go by each individual's preferences, rather than assume to know everything about such said individual simply by the labels they profess to be.~
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