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Unhappy Is it wrong to cancel a date

because the guy isn't tall enough? I know it might seem petty but honestly I have this "quirk" (must add this to blog) about men and it just doesn't seem fair to them even though I'm short (5'2). Once I meet a guy and they aren't 5'11 or taller, my physical attraction to them disappears. I've been like this for over 20 years now too.

And then since I haven't actually met him yet, how do I break it to him his height has disqualified him. He's the first guy on okc that didn't put his height on there. I usually don't respond if the guy is shorter than what I have found myself drawn to.

Then I wonder, what if I am missing out on a true connection? I am trusting my intuition on this and know I need to let him know I can't meet. I just don't know what to text him.
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