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Default Shift work and balance

I really need some advice and I am hoping for some clarity through this forum.

Let me say that I love poly. I adore my husband and love my boyfriend so much! Poly is a wonderful way to share lives and love and friendship. When poly works, it is really wonderful!

My husband works afternoons and my boyfriend works days. I spend weeknights doing things with my boyfriend - things like getting groceries, yard maintenance and occasionally going for dinner. I spend time with my husband on weekends (also some chores and some playtime) but my boyfriend likes to do things with me as well. My husband feels like this is time I should spend with him. I try to do things with both.

Does anyone have any experience with different shifts? Through the week I alternate sleeping with my boyfriend and with my husband but on Saturday and Sunday night I sleep with my husband.

There are a few other issues we are all working out but that would be another thread entirely! lol.
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