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Thanks opalescent,

The last part you mentioned about expectations, I don't expect someone to care about me, I would hope they did if they loved me, if you love some one wouldn't you care about them?~

It's not that you love some one so you expect yourself to care about them, it's you love them and you caring about them just comes naturally. It doesn't have to be so complicated.~

That's the way I see it and that's what I meant before.~

It's the whole 'oh so you love me and I love you, so I expect you to stay with me'. I would rather some one tell me what they want, rather than just expect me to know it, because no two relationships are exactly the same.~

I know some people's love is so very strong, but a lot of times when they start expecting each other to read the other's mind or just some how 'know' what each other want without bothering to talk about it and/or to confirm it that's when I start to notice when things seem to fall apart.~

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