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Originally Posted by Precious1 View Post
Close, no job offer. He asked me if i would look for one out of state. I still have good knowledge of the area and connections in my field where I lived while my ex and i were in the miltary.
So there is no provocation for moving out of state other than Sunshines desire to put S in a position to have to "prove up"? That's going to pretty great lengths just to play a head game; a very strange suggestion indeed.

In that case, I think you are correct to have reservations about how deep you want to get into it with Sunshine.

Originally Posted by Precious1 View Post
For the moment I am taking a step back to assess my needs in this relationship, and while I do that, if he wishes to address the issues in his marriage it is his call, but I will still take them and his willingness to face them (or not) into consideration in regards to ours. We do have a counselor lined up to assist us in clarifying our needs to each other.
Sounds like a good approach. I'd definitely try to keep my hands out of that pie and let the cooks in charge take care of it.
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