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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I think that relationships start with a little love. More of a possibility of love. The more closeness is reached the bigger the challenges as lives merge with on another...

It's got to the point for me that I find it hard to except a shallow depth of love. I understand that some people enjoy shallow waters and that works best for them, but it never has for me and I realize that I do better in deep water...
This is nice RP,

I think it may lead us in a direction where we can discover more of the mystery.

I have experienced that 'love' is a very dynamic thing on one hand. Alive. It waxes & wanes with seasons and events in our lives. It changes not only in depth but in texture. Maybe that ties somehow to the depth you speak of. I think in many cases the net effect is growth over time. But it can swing the other way too in some cases. As we come to truly 'know' someone better - on a deeper level - it changes. This process takes time. I'm not aware of any shortcuts short of shared life events.

But then.........

There's the other 'piece' !
There's those times when something just reaches out and grabs you. Even though you may not have had the time to know the person to any depth, you FEEL something. You sense it through some mechanism that is not well defined yet - by science at least. An experienced person of course will question themself on whether it's only a 'physical' thing - attraction. If you're experienced AND honest - this test is rather quickly resolved. And if it's discovered that whatever 'IT' is, is something beyond a physical desire, you're left with the big 'what is this' !

And this is the question that I think many people would like an answer to.
Or maybe better to call it an 'understanding' than an answer.
And maybe it will be that we'll never truly understand - but only have to be open and accept it.

I don't know.

But I know it's something I have experienced several times in my own life. And although I have my own 'theories', I'm most interested in listening to others experiences & theories. Some source of a shared wisdom.


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