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Originally Posted by poobah123 View Post
Can a poly relationship succeed when it involves two couples who are inherently very different?
I'm not sure why introversion/extroversion has to be a problem. What, exactly, is her introversion causing you to lack?

Originally Posted by poobah123 View Post
My wife views her as annoying and constantly in her life. Why? Well it's not on purpose. It's simply because my OSO is an extrovert and my wife a total introvert so naturally there is a friction there. Case in point is my mother feels closer with my OSO than my wife of 20 years! My friends trying to plan my 40th birthday party call my OSO and not my wife! My brother communicates with my OSO and not my wife. The list goes on and on.
I can certainly understand that your wife might be feeling very displaced and replaced. I can imagine that's very painful to her.

Originally Posted by poobah123 View Post
After a few years now, instead of the secondary relationship helping to improve the primary...
Ouch. As a secondary, I could barely get past this sentence. Was that the purpose of your new, I mean, sorry your new human being? To be a marital aid? Maybe if you replace its...I mean her...batteries, she'll perform better and do her job, and your marriage will improve. Or are there lemon laws in your state? Maybe you just got a faulty secondary. Maybe you should write a letter of complaint to the Secondary Manufacturer. Good luck.
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