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Like here's an example. Today my gf is going out on a little day date with her other friend. And I'm fine with that today. Admittedly the situation is fairly tame as it hasn't escalated to a point of physicality yet or anything and we have agreements in place to talk before certain stages of escalation. There was a certain part of me that was a little hurt because she very rarely has day time hours free and I often see her at the end of long nights when she's cashed out energy wise, and I was kind of like "hey, we never get that!" but I realized that it was likely in an effort to preserve our evenings, so I rolled with it. And today, even though it's a mild stress on my system, I'm kind of happy for her that she gets to go have this nice day and fun time.

But last week she suggested a potential similar day date and my feelings went all over the freakin place and I felt horrible about the idea.

So one day I seem fine, the next, crazy!

I dunno, it's those glimpses of the 'other shore', of me being ok with things, that make me think I've got a shot at this. But a day later I'll be back to crazy town!

Sorry, this just came up in the past hour so thought I'd add it for what it's worth. This 'sometimes on/sometimes off' thing I have going on.

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