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Originally Posted by Random223 View Post
she is free to chose to hang out to someone that makes her sad, but it is getting exhausting spending 2-3 days out of every week playing clean up. not only for that but for his other partners taunts at her as well.
That sounds exhausting. Do you feel that your relationship with this emotional mine field of a woman is bringing you joy? Or is it mainly just emotionally draining because she's always so moody and you don't know "how to act"?

On this end, it sounds awful.

At some point early into this I would feel the need to say "Hey, I realize that relationship is tough for you but you are honestly a bummer to be around. Are you content living this way? Because it's making me miserable"

Originally Posted by Random223 View Post
this is my first poly relationship. im trying to learn as i go, but i am starting to think i have a bad example to learn from.
Poly relationships are just as likely to be healthy as monogamous relationships are. There are stable people who want healthy relationships and there are emotional disaster-pieces who seem to want nothing but drama. It takes all kinds and poly is no different.
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