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Originally Posted by poobah123 View Post
It's simply because my OSO is an extrovert and my wife a total introvert so naturally there is a friction there. Case in point is my mother feels closer with my OSO than my wife of 20 years! My friends trying to plan my 40th birthday party call my OSO and not my wife! My brother communicates with my OSO and not my wife. The list goes on and on.
Why is it a problem for your friends and family to involve someone who isn't your wife? Does your wife have issues with this? Has she communicated that she feels like she's being left out? How is this affecting *you* negatively?

It is important to recognize that people have different personality types and communication styles. When appreciated constructively, this can be a boon in positive communication. *However*, it is also good to realize that there isn't a problem with someone being more introverted than someone else, nor someone being more extroverted than someone else. Different isn't necessarily bad, sometimes it's just different.
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