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Originally Posted by gingersnap View Post
she then becomes upset because she doesnt match us, or she feels like hes paying more attention to me (who hasnt been around) then to her, even though the three of us will all be playing or laying together. The attention isnt focused on her even though she gets his undivided attention when its just him, or when its just me, instead of all 3.
lol, that is a seriously self-absorbed human. This girl is going to have a very hard time relating to anyone who is not *aching* to chase her around and make sure she is super-duper happy. I'm sure there are lots of excuses for turning out this way (only child, pampered brat, chemical imbalance, etc) but in the end it doesn't matter.

You can either go through the arduous life long journey of teaching this girl how to be a fully self-sufficient adult (which I am not trained to instruct you on) or you can move along and consider the lessons you learned from this team dating exercise.
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