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Originally Posted by polywannacrackeryo View Post
After some thinking, I'm pretty sure I agree. As the person above said, it's technically a memoir. Would that change your mind at all? I'm still undecided. Maybe I should just read it and then recommend it as something she might enjoy?
Some people are sensitive and assume that a gift like that is an attack on their person. Some people are not sensitive and will take it in the spirit it was given.

Knowing this about a partner is part of building intimacy and learning who they are. Either ask them about it directly, or give them the book and ask them their thoughts directly. And I mean say it, out-loud, exactly what you said here (hell, you could read your post to them). Pussy-footing around trying to read their mind is just wasting time and energy and is not doing your relationship any good.

Give it a try, be honest, let them surprise you with their generosity of spirit.
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