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Originally Posted by queenb View Post
So its been a while since ive let him be and not heard from him at all...when should i just chalk it up to he's just not that into me?
He said he wants to step back so he can get things sorted on his end.
He has behaved as a platonic friend to you every time you've been with him since then.
He has now stopped communicating with you entirely.
It is painfully evident that this guy has other things going on and isn't interested in getting into it with you. How he feels about you, what exactly he's trying to "figure out", what issues in his life is he dealing with, are all perfectly irrelevant. The facts you have at your disposal are MORE than enough to move on with your life. *IF* by some unlikely mechanization of the universe, he decides to contact you in the future then you can deal with it at that point but clinging to the possibility of this relationship like a drowning man to a life preserver is not going to get you anywhere.

The bigger question is, why is it that you are so insistent on trying to continue this relationship? Are you having a strong reaction due to abandonment issues? Is it a fear of loss? I get being disappointed that a new relationship isn't working out, but your degree of tenacity makes me wonder if there is an emotional issue on your end that needs to be worked on.
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