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Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
In your polyship, do they set the tone/terms and you comply? Or is this supposed to be a collaborative thing? I'm not sure how it works in your polyshipping. Could you please clarify that?

Because you don't really seem to need help defining "vanilla." You seem to need help/support enduring the waiting time.

You could spend the waiting time articulating and defining your OWN boundaries and what YOU consider "vanilla" and what your own wants, needs and limits are. For YOURSELF.

While you wait for each of them to define each of theirs so you can then assess if you can get your wants/needs met here or not and things line up or not.

Just a thought...

EXACTLY...........You get my point.

we just had a sit down tonight and talk over things and we know now "Vanilla" means.

we are patient and want so much for they to reconnect. We know and hope they will be even strong after. No matter how much time they NEED, it matters to us they are in love and connecting healthy.

we know now, that short term guidelines have been set, and are acceptable.

To be honest it me the Male and his wife that had connected so hard. And it been tough to pull back. But we as a group, totally understand each other and the MALES talk very easily. That makes thing so much better,

Thanks for all your help,
Finding this site has given me a place to talk and vent and to be happy
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