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Sex is such a drug, eh. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I do need to be aware of this. Good sex is addictive! I'm really enjoying how Lobe and I fuck. It's fairly uncomplicated... giving and receiving pleasure. I feel very embodied. We're both quite cerebral people, and sex is a sweet release, brain incense <3

I admit, I have mostly surrendered to the love chemicals taking their course. I've been letting a few things slide... A bit more chilled about work, less of a cheapskate etc. For e.g. yesterday I got a return train ticket to the city, but ended up deciding to stay at Lobe's instead of use the return portion to go back to my place. Meant I had to go home today (this morning) before work, which could have worked out a bit more expensive (but incidentally didn't - haha - because we slept in a wee bit longer than intended, and I missed peak hour prices! Ah. Mischief sometimes pays off.) Anyway, it would've only been a few dollars, but I am really conscious of those kinds of things, and generally would not waste a ticket. I can take cost saving to the extreme so it's good to be coaxed into reducing the insanity. Perhaps addiction is not so bad when it loosens you up. Having a taste for this liquor motivates me to sift the things that Really Need to get done from all the rest...

It's all about priorities

Must be cautious though. I don't want to fuck all day... or become a person who is satisfied by that!

Right. I'm not late for work because we mercifully have flexible working hours. But I don't want to be at work too late tonight. Got shit to do... Catch up from the weekend Had a lazy one in almost all respects. Was good for me.

Grotto's still up and down. It's a generalised malaise, but work is contributing for sure. He's visiting this weekend though! There's a film festival on this weekend and we're going to o/d on movies. Fuck. Yes.

Will also be the first time that Grotto, Lobe and I hang out together. Previously, I'd only met Lobe in groups, when I was there with Grotto. Mm... I'm not nervous about it, but very curious as to how it will turn out. Grotto teased me yesterday about me getting both nipples licked at once. He was joking but it actually freaked me out! I've found it hard to relax and be 'my normal self' (?) when I'm the 'hinge' in situations like this. At least initially. Takes adjusting to figure out what shape you are in a three-person dynamic when you've only had experience being dyadic with each person previously. But of course the only way to learn how to ride a tricycle is jump on it

A'ight. Work time.
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