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Default Update time

Hello all, to those who have been following and giving advice/thoughts along the way thanks and hope to get more advice/opinions along the way.

As for this week, good/bad, Over all very good although there seem to be some gilt issues from time to time with D. She enjoy's her time with J but feels some gilt later on...unfounded but still there. This week due to the holiday weekend J was home thursday evening. I was at my work for the night as I am every thursday. While chatting with D online she was excited to tell me about J being home for the weekend early. The 3 of us had talked about them spending a weekend away together since the whole time balance seems to be a little one sided towards me so this seemed to be perfect. J came in mid evening thursday and since D knew he was coming in she had a nice dinner ready for him waiting so once he arrived I told her to have a great night and enjoy as I would stay out of the way to give them some time for which D was very thankful. They had dinner, cuddled on the couch for a while and retired to bed. D said that J was very tired from trying to get home and spend some time but they did make love for a bit before sleeping the night away. For those that have followed we own 2 houses close by so I went to the other house friday and stayed there friday and saturday nights as well so they could have an entire weekend together with no interuptions although we did have to do some work around the house and yard on saturday. J was unable to go on any away type trip due to family obligations but D said they had a fantastic evening/night friday. Dinner date, some TV and lots of cuddling before what she said was a "really good" night of lovemaking with a nice morning session as When I finally started the yard work very late in the morning they were up, J went to his family thing and D helped around the house with a huge smile on her face. I told her if she was wanting it I would spend another night at out other house to give them lots of time. J got back as soon as he could and while I did have some evening paperwork/bills to take care of I got "out of the way" asap as they settled on the couch for the night cuddled up together. D said she and J had a pretty good night then as well, making up for not having much time together with another love making session that she enjoyed. Sunday I was told by D to please come home cause she was feeling guilty about spending all that time. I don't know what to say to get rid of the gilts so if anyone has an idea let me know. I sometime feel some jealousy but deal with it and D assures me there is no need for the jealousy. I told her the same thing about her guilt but.....not so much help. She and J are going away for a weekend in november to niagra falls so we need to nip this now. I am actually dealing with it better then she is at the Sunday brought D and I together again, great night cuddled up, J gone for the evening with his younger son and his grown daughter. D and I had a nice evening falling asleep with her cuddled up to me. Today J has to go back to work in the afternoon/ evening. And all of us going into another week. Hope to update again soon and enjoy if your following.
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