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oh man could you over think this more.... I'm sorry, but I'm sure she thinks none of these things when she is out enjoying you company... I have several loves and people involved in my life... I don't think about a list of things I like about them... maybe that is just me?

In my opinion, and respecting your process, perhaps you need to think about what you love about yourself and put the best forward to everyone about who you are. Obviously she sees good things in you, regardless of education and your body. I don't walk around lamenting the fact that I have a masters and my two men barely have highschool... one of the men I spend time with has a masters also... it doesn't make him better! Mono is very built and works out regularly, my husband doesn't... it's not something that I have a need to dwell on or even consider when I think of my love for them.

Ya, some work on your self worth might be a good idea. Not for your girlfriend. FOR YOU! you should be coming first here... not her and what she thinks... I would like to hear about what YOU love about you.
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