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Yeah, I am going to talk to him about it today. I feel kinda bad, because the only way I can not read those messages is if I stop participating in this group app with them. However, I might have to do that to keep on an even keel.

Today I can think about them being together and be perfectly fine with it, but to read about it unexpectedly was a little too much last night.

I am extremely excited to see M this morning. I have to leave in an hour. I am waiting for my hair to dry a bit more before hitting it with the straightening iron. Right now my hair is terrible - I need a new dye job and a cut in the worst way. It is completely fried from over processing, so I can't do anything until mid-September. I am tired of looking at it and feeling stressed. That said, I am looking pretty awesome today - I am wearing my favorite boobalicious dress! It is very colorful and I painted my toenails hot pink to match yesterday. My confidence is fairly high.

I have major chemical burn in my cleavage though - stupid zit cream! I put a dot on a pimple there yesterday morning and sure as shit, the entire area is red. Thank goodness it is deep enough down that when you look at me, you can't see that I look like I have the plague - even with this dress. I have to find a better way of zapping cleavage pimples. It's not like I get them a lot, but dammit, when I do, the cream always gives me irritation for 48 hours.

I asked my husband a moment ago if I looked okay for my day-date, if there was anything about me he would change. Without missing a beat, he replied,"Your insecurity." I love this man completely!
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