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MonoV, she is meeting all of my needs. I would like for all us to talk more freely about our experiences with each other, but her and BF #2 don't talk very much about their time together. Being more open about things would be satisfying to me.

She was attracted to my level of fitness, and to my accent. Also, I had "pre selection" working in my favor at the first three poly functions that she saw me at. I always had one or two women accompanying me to the functions, and they were usually the prettiest women there. I appeared to have a high value on the dating market at that time, especially within the poly group.

I think that she is with me because I'm younger, fit, like to read, rarely watch TV, and I go to poly functions. Also, we have two common interests.

Sure, I realize that I provide a couple of things that her other partners do not. Nonetheless, I don't feel like I captivate her, or make her feel giddy.
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