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Default New poly looking for advice

So I am new to being poly, and I am having an issue with bleed over from another relationship. I am the new partner and I have been put into a primary spot. While my partners old partner of a few years plus history before that had been bumped down from before I was even in the equation although she tells me that she tells him that he is still her primary( yea I know, that has been watering down how seriously I take what she says). He (the secondary) is livening with another partner and spends the majority of his time maintaining that relationship, and my partner is struggling with his lies and him not being available for her. While I spend a lot of time doing damage control for things he does. Which is not so bad but he rarely has to clean up his own mess. Needless to say I'm trying to be supportive of her and this relationship because they have so much history together. But it is starting to bleed over to much. Should I be doing damage control for another relationship?
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