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I would just like to say this because I haven't seen it yet. It seems obvious, so maybe that's why it hasn't been said.

To me, it doesn't seem like the traits of her other boyfriends are the problem. It seems to me that your opinion of yourself is.

First of all, do your girlfriend a favor and stop meshing her in with the collective "female population". She has tastes that are unique and individual and I'm willing to bet that she has things that would wildly defy the image that the media tells you "is attractive".

Secondly, if you can come to terms with that, talk to her about what she appreciates in you. Take the opportunity to share with her what you like about her. Hearing the other person say what it is they like can be revealing sometimes (I never would have thought I have a nice ass!) and soothing to the little voices in your head that are comparing you to some ideal.

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