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Vexxed, please remember this. She had her husband before you, she had her other boyfriend before you, AND she still opened up to include you
She sees something in you that is adding to her life. Try to stop worrying about her needs being met with you....I would say it is pretty obvious they are my friend. Unless you feel like she was merely "trying you on" so to speak, and that you are now being ignored, focus on what you feel she is bringing to your life and stop worrying about what you think you are not bringing to hers.
Are your needs/wants being met? Are you happy in your love and affection towards her? Are you possibly projecting your own lack of fulfillment?

If you are happy in what she is adding to your life then please try to relax and trust that you were added for a reason....because you are unique and valued for who you are in her life

Peace and Love

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