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Suppose that one of them is a very exciting and entertaining partner, and that you feel captivated by that partner because they keep you engaged in conversation. Then, on the other hand, your other partner does not engage you as well.

Could you then find being with the less entertaining partner to be equally satisfying?
Yes, for all of the reasons that I care about the other person. That's more or less what I'm saying there, is that I value each relationship for what it IS rather than some ideal of filling all of those various roles.

I think that some people would overlook that spending time with one person is less satisfying and that they would still date the less satisfying person because dating that partner is somehow gratifying to them.

What say you to that?
I think there's something wrong with the relationship or you if you start comparing them when you previously didn't. I could find a more interesting conversational partner down the road, but her presence doesn't detract from what is already there with people I'm involved with.

People don't become "less satisfying" to me because someone is better suited (by my definition) at a specific thing. My relationships take in a whole, complete person and everybody is so unique and different that it wouldn't be possible to compare them side by side in that manner.
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