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Ok, we are peeling off layers of the onion here.

She appears to be really captivated by him, and almost even giddy when they come in from a date, and are on their way to his bedroom. They look to be in early stage foreplay, and as if they are communicating silently while he or she talks to me, or to other roommates that are still awake.

I don't feel like I connect with her to that same extent. I suspect that hsi ability to engage her in conversation is a major explanation.

That's the trigger that causes me to identify the areas that I fall short in, such as being less educated, less articulate, and having less of a sense of humor. Then it seems to me that she wooed by all the ways in which he exceeds me. It just so happens that they are areas that bothered me before I entered into this relationship.

He's watching television right now. I had an exercise session scheduled for tonight. This thread just reminded me. I think that I'll get up and exercise right now.

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