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I have got to reply about the parenting thing.
I totally agree with not losing yourself in it. I know I am a better parent when I have had a little time to take care of myself, to still be the person I was before I had 2 great kids and be able to grow intellectually physically and emotionally. I got a mani today after spending most of the weekend cleaning, shopping, paying bills... Does this make me a bad person?

I have to take my kids to the gym with me and put them in the on-site daycare. They love going to play and I come out refreshed, energized and physically strong enough to keep up with them. I see you get that from your yoga.

I love my job, but I don't get to be me there, more kids. So I have to squeeze adult time in where I can, pay sitters or wait till the ex takes them. Would I love to have a nanny to help? Oh yes. Are my kids getting ripped off, no way.

They have an active, participating mum, who knows she needs a little down-time to function at her best for them, seems to be similar for you.

Props to those who can do it 24/7 but I know I struggle when it is relentless.
Mums deserve to enjoy their life too, Ry.
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