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Insecurity part deux,
I am 5'7'', 130lbs, blonde, size A boobs, "athletic " build, yes the boob size is important.
I am tall, when I wear heels I over 6ft,sometimes well over in 5 inch spikes. I would like to be a few inches shorter but on the whole my body functions well and I am happy with it.

Yo is easy dealt with here, he doesn't have a type, leans towards average to slim women, but that's about it. He says he is just happy to find someone who get his sense of humor and wants to be naked with him.

Prof and Kip however, have extremely strong preferences. They both go for petite brunettes with large natural boobs or tits, depends on who is speaking, but fake ones are good to.

Kip's wife is a petite, curvy brunette, with large boobs. He says he likes women on the curvy side, chubby is good too as long as their boobs are big.

Prof's gf is a tiny , curvy brunette with big boobs too.

I have seen pictures of Kip's online choices and every sexploit he tells starts with the phrase, " I was seeing this petite brunette with huge natural tits...." He says he doesn't really remember ever dating a blonde but might have as along as she had....fill in the rest. He would never date anyone with less than a C cup.

I have seen pics of one of Prof's play partners and you guessed it petite......He said he dated a blonde once on high school for about 2 weeks, Erm that was nearly 40 years ago. Not a single blonde since then. He has interrupted sex a few times to say he still is surprised to look up and see a blond with "sporty boobs", not his type at all.

And of course they all take the time to tell me how taaaaaallllll I am. Thanks guys.

So does this make me insecure? How could it not? 2/3 have an almost 100% track record on a type and they like the same type. So I get the petite brunette line from both of them. I don't bring it up. They keep coming out with it especially during naked moments. Keep reminding me of how "not your type" I am. Of course the say nice things too, but I don't hear that as much as I hear, "not my type ".

They are all my type, why would I go out with people I don't find attractive?
So then that leads to the destructive thought, why are they seeing me? Just a cheap fuck?

I have fished for compliments a few times, and outright asked, why are you seeing me if I am so outside your type? Smart, funny, sweet, intelligent , independent, the accent, quick, kind, patient. yes, yes, yes, body please? Long legs, I get that, lovely long legs. Refer to previous insecurity about being taaaaalllllll.

I get that insecurity is unattractive and unless I am outright being told that I am not a PBwBB, it don't dwell on it much, but yikes, they do feel the need to tell me. Why? Why do they tell me?

I did outright tell Prof on Friday that the "sporty boobs" comments needed to stop and there is no need to keep telling me I am taaaaallllllll. Oh sexy tall, he said. I replied that is not what you said, you said I am really tall for a girl, I was in bare feet too.

Insert feelings here... Insecure...I feel I don't measure up ( haha ) an unfavourable comparison, PBwBB=hot, tall blonde=not.
I do hear, " I love your this, I love your that" that time, though, the damage has kind of been done. When the compliments come after PBwBB comments, it seems like second hand compliments, not really honest.

Just got a text from Prof, wants to go for a ride tomorrow, seeing Kip on Weds, Prof Weds evening, probably seeing Yo on Thursday, possibly Prof after that, depends on the time.

So they must like something that they see. Not too insecure, just quit telling me I am not your type!
Me: 40s female
Prof: 50s male.
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