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Her parents did her no favors in catering to her. She never learned how to be self-sufficient and may even feel entitled to be the center of attention. The question is, can you talk to her about these issues on a logical level? Is she able to put herself in anyone else's position to understand how her behavior affects those she cares about?

If the answer is yes to these questions - and she truly desires to grow - she may be able to learn. If the answer is no, then I doubt you will gain any ground.

Having been where you are (although my gal was not an only child, so apparently there are other causes to helplessness and entitlement), beware of the fact that she may give lip service to the logic, but never behave any differently emotionally. This confused me for a long time. I thought if she said it she meant. Really turns out she never had any intention of making the situation workable for all of us.

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