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Default spacing out

it seems strange she let's herself space out for so long that she becomes completely oblivious to the exchange that continues without her involvement, even though she's sitting right next to you. the going to bed thing, sounds like she's not comfortable with her husband and you alone when she's tired. makes me think she has some insecurities with self-esteem since mommy and daddy use to cater to her.

the only child syndrome possibly (i am not harshing on anyone who was an only child just my sense of this partner) where everyone has focused on her and that's what she expects, but as an adult it'd seem like she'd be more confident.

i don't know enough about traid's and i wish you luck. you are either going to have to communicate with both of them how this affecting you, communicate and get her to figure out what her real insecurities are or are those insecurities really her needs that are not being met...but a talk sounds in order. Otherwise you will be frustrated that you are in reality not equal and at the will of your partners.
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