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If she's got significant insecurities, bringing them to light won't do much good unless she desires to improve them for herself.

As for you, if you have a partner like this you'll find yourself adjusting to whatever insecurities she's going through in a particular day, in order to keep the peace. And eventually you'll resent it and start biting your tongue, or resort to sharp exchanges of frustration. There's not much else to do, really. Except to accept that you have a partner who is probably going to find something to feel vulnerable about. Eventually she might acclimate and allow her insecurities to move on to new things, but it might take years for it to happen.

I've seen people try talking, more talking, and even more talking. Along with lots of attention, tough love, pure honesty and even deception to get a person whose insecurities are enflamed to cool down. Nothing really works until that person starts examining why they're reacting that way. And to get them there is something which requires time and a great deal of patience.

Sorry, but there are no quick fixes to these things.

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