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Originally Posted by monkeystyle View Post
Up front, it sounds like you're looking for a possible FWB or perhaps swinging experience with no strings attached, rather than a 'relationship' with other people. Is that about right?
Actually our preference would be someone we could, at a minimum, call a friend...I suppose FWB. But, the experience really needs to be a mind, body, soul connection. The physical, without the rest, somehow seems empty (maybe because I've never done that before). We also look to have a "repeat customer" if you will. Building a trusting relationship, learning about each other, doing things together, etc, is what would be the apex of what we seek. I still believe that the easiest way to obtain the triad thing is to date separately. We just have to convince ourselves that nothing bad can result from it. I mean, my vision on how that could work would be to find someone to date (with boundaries/limitations) and see how the spouse feels. If all is well, then maybe add a little bit more to the equation...wash, rinse, repeat. Again, we have to get to a place where we're both comfortable with the idea.
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