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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post

If I have a need that is unfulfiled then I would take it up with who is in my life and ask for support and someone to walk hand in hand with me on it. I don't see my partners as outside of me in this way. We walk together, that is why I chose them. I simply wouldn't pick someone to fill a need and I wouldn't want to be chosen for that.

I see people and hear of people who gather lovers as if they are a commodit sometimes. I wonder if they feel lonely and need many people around them to ease that feeling. I wonder also if each lover fills a need... Or is it a matter of a certain level of comfort in the depth they have with each one that makes it work. Its not my reality so this is why I ponder these things in an attempt to understand.

I am so glad you wrote this. THIS is the basis for a thread I started a while back about needs... PLUS, needing someone to fill a need, is quite needy, isn't it... ew.
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