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Hey Mon,

Well, I guess I'm not quite as analytical as you - or maybe not as formal anyway.
For me self-analysis is pretty much a constant, ongoing process triggered by just going about my life. There's a myriad of things that crop up in the course of a day that give me an opportunity to compare my thoughts or actions to others that I see happening around me. It usually begins with a 'what do I know about this?' question which often will trigger some research. Or the time-tested question of 'what would I do if in those shoes?'.
And as you pointed out there are times when I just embrace myself, my own experiences etc and have to just allow & acknowledge that everyone is entitled and in fact doing the best they are capable of in their situation.
The battle at times seems to not be judgmental even where it might be deserved. Because I do constantly remind myself of that above philosophy - that everyone TRULY is doing the best they can. Sometimes it highlights a better way - sometimes just a different one-sometimes......ummmm not so great. But there's always a lesson in there somehow - or if not- at least a reminder.

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