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Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post
Hey RP,

Would you - really ?
I don't think you should. It think that's unfair to yourself & unrealistic.
Now don't read me here saying we wouldn't want everything to appear all in one package. But on the flip side of that - if the package were not 100% complete - how much are devaluing that parts that ARE there - and those people. And why would you devalue yourself if you discovered yourself 'lacking' in some particular small thing ? Seems awfully harsh doesn't it ?

No I don't find it harsh at all. I know I fulfil everything for my men. Whatever they seek that is outside of me is because they have more love to give and more to get, not because I am not capable of offering them what they need. Of course Mono has no desire to find anyone, but nerdist does and for the reason I mentioned above, is in no rush to find and give more love. It comes into his life and therefore mine in the time and way that is best for all of us.
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