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Default New to the Poly-world around me

Hi everyone. I have been with my girlfriend for 16 years, we have had our ups and downs. She has gone out to try and find herself and brought back a Master in her dominate and sub-missive relationship. At first it did not go well between us. Totally blew me out of the water. They were together for 6 years, the last year I spent sometime being with the both of them being his second submissive sex and whatever else happened. We started talking about Polyamory during that year and I found it very interesting. So when we would go to the Wiccan festivals I would go to classes where they would talk about Polyamory and I found them to be really interesting. A few months after my girlfriend broke up with her master we started seeing our bestfriend that we just got back in touch with and have to been together just over 6 months. I am having issues of jealousy because my girlfriend and my bestfriend spend a lot more time together. Just have these huge feeling of being left out. I have tried to calm those feelings and it just seems I am just confusing myself and them. I would appreciate any advise anyone can get and if more info is need wll gladly share.
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