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I could not be better. Today is Father's Day, and DH gave up "his" day for me. It is really sweet because when Mothering Day rolled around in March, the aftermath was just beginning. I actually took him to Heathrow the morning of the day. I spent M-Day with my children, and it was a sad one. I had to keep my spirits up, but it was rough. It was a period of uncertainty because it was the start of a separation, the height of an emotional few days, and the pain of not knowing what was going to happen next. My, how things have changed.

Mothering Day was 10 March, and that was a short three days after the hell had broken loose. I was the last person he wanted to be around or spend time with, and he put thousands of kilometres and continents in between us. Many people called him selfish and told him he was wrong for leaving on my day. I do not know if there is a hell, but if there was, our house was surrounded in flames. We were arguing constantly and at one point, we just shut down all communication. Being in the same room was painful. We were just sharing space. I understood why he left. I was mad that he left on that particular day, but I understood and respected his need for space.

Today has been quite the opposite, and I cannot thank him enough. He did not have to make amends, but I admire him for doing so. This time 6 months ago, I was on the verge of tears of sadness, but the tears today have been nothing but happy.

How I found out about the additional plans started because of a conversation about how me met. The conversation was really light-hearted and true to us:

Me: "13 years, 3 months, 3 weeks, 5 days."
Him: "Where is my medal? I survived Camp [insert my given name.]"
Me: "Only the strong survive this camp."
Him: "Who are you telling? I had to prove myself to you for over a year to get in to your heart."
Me: *side eye* "Was I worth it?"
Him: "Yeah. I was blown because you friend zoned me from night one."
Me: "Aww. I was a lesbian, and you were the first and only man I had ever been attracted to. I was like what is going on?"
Him: "I respected that because it gave me the time to get to know you and become best friends with the woman who would later agree to be my wife and mother of my kids."
Me: "Aww. That is so sweet."
Him: "Feel free to chill with the aww'ing. Can I tell you something?"
Me: "Sure."
Him: "I owe you a Mothering Day. I left on yours, and you deserved better than that. Without you, I wouldn't be a father or have those two kids down the hall. Do you mind if we honour you today?"
Me: "Are you serious?"
Him: "Yeah, it's your day, sweetheart. We can keep any plans you made, but I'd rather be in the background and treat you like my leading lady. I took yours away from you, and its bothered me. I just want to make it up and give you what is owed to you."
Me: "You do not have to do this."
Him: "I want to."
Me: "Aww. I love you."
Him: "I love you. Show me?"
Me: "Ooh. Problem. Kind of ovulating, and unless you are ready for #3?"
Him: "Not yet. Practice for our next big production couldn't hurt."
Me: "Unless a star is born in 9 months." *sings Fame* Remember my name. I am going to live forever. I am going to learn how to fly. I feel it coming together.
Him: "I'd like to feel us coming together."
Me: "You suck."
Him: "Not as well as you."
Me: "I so do not like you."
Him: "But you still love me."
Me: "Always."

Now, every time I hear "Fame," that will cross my mind. I appreciate our silly moments and ability to have fun with one another. You cannot always be serious and solemn.

I hope everyone is doing well. Off to wake the little duckies up from their naps and get ready for lunch.
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