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M was interesting right from the beginning - I noticed he had visited my profile on OKC, but unlike other guys, he didn't message me. So, I looked at his profile and was surprised to see that not only was he nearby, but he was poly as well. I didn't go any farther with him though, as I didn't think his pictures were all that attractive, frankly, and at that point I was really overwhelmed with all of the emails I was receiving.

Anyway, M visited my profile a few more times, and each time I would go and look at his. We had an 88% match, but what I found funny was that I matched 95% with his wife, who also had a profile on OKC. I decided that I would rate him 4 stars so I would remember who he was, in case he ever wrote to me. That did it - he wrote to me soon after.

That one message turned into over 60 within a week's time, and I finally told him that if he wanted to ever have a chance of making it work, we would have to meet soon, since I was planning on seeing a couple of other guys in that time frame. So, we did - we had lunch and then walked a bit over to a frozen yogurt shop nearby.

I didn't feel lightning hit, but he was a great conversationalist and just as interesting as he was over email. I definitely thought he was more attractive in person, too. anyway, I decided I would be willing to see him again if he asked - and he did; that same evening I received an email. We decided to meet at a local park the next day, and that's when I was slammed with my first dose of NRE.

Apparently, he had felt the same, but didn't read anything from me, but I set him straight on that score over email. We set up a 3rd date the next week, and he proposed that we shut off our OKC accounts and see each other exclusively. I was fine with this, as I was sick of sorting through messages from cheating middle-aged men who just wanted to fuck me for fun! (In the end, I deactivated my account, but he just changed his status as not looking - he needed to keep his profile up since it is linked to his wife, who is still open to other relationships.) M gave me a kiss goodbye after our third date, and lightning was definitely surging through both of us at that point!

Since then, we've had several more day-long dates, and he has met my husband, and I have met his wife. We both went to get STD tests last week, and we are now waiting for the all-clear so we can move on to a sexual relationship. I have been even more horny due to the NRE I've been feeling, and I am not normally a patient person!

I should have my results back on Tuesday, and I am very stressed about them. I have been both a blood and platelets donor for several years, so I am confident I don't have AIDS, but seeing as how I have never had tests before, I have a fear I might be harboring something that could be a deal breaker. Truthfully, I have never had any symptoms of anything, but it is stilly scary! M was last tested about 20 years ago, which is when he married his wife, so he is nervous too.

I guess I should explain a bit about M's poly practices - he has only had one other relationship while married to his wife, and that was last year. It lasted 2 months and wasn't sexual. His wife is bi, and has had many relationships over the last 6 years, but none of them unprotected and almost all of them more emotional than physical.

So that is where I am right now - head over heals with NRE and awaiting STD test results.
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