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Default Interlude

So, I wake up the next morning feeling … GRAND! How is this possible? I should be suffering from a hell of a hangover (8% beers are NOT session beers ferchrisake) and instead my cheeks hurt from smiling and I'm feeling all wiggly.

MrS wakes up and I grill him for details. Groan...Way to make a first impression, JaneQ, you drunken slut. Grrrr... WAIT?! Did anyone exchange contact info?! MrS tells me that Abby told him she'd get my OKC name from Gotsy. I go to work. I come home. I get on my computer. Joy! An OKC message from Abby.

I'm on the computer writing to Abby (yum!) and Gotsy on OKC (thanking her for convincing me to come to the meet-up). I post to the Meet-Up page. MrS is on the phone with Dude: “Yeah, she feels fine, she's online writing her mea culpa letters...”

I talk to Dude later that night. He is doing okay but starting to feel the effects of two weeks of isolation. He has been messaging/talking with a few women from OKC and spending many hours on the phone with Jane2.

I briefly consider keeping my opinions to myself – but remember that he was hurt when he learned that I saw the train-wreck of CrazyGirl coming and didn't warn him because I thought it was “none of my business”. I gently point out that he has decided that he is not interested in this girl romantically, but talking on the phone with her 4-8 hours a day may be sending a different message (Dude misses a lot of social cues ). He feels that they are on the same page, but agrees that it is a good idea to double-check explicitly. (He does, they are – two smart, interesting, chatty people who like to talk to each other – great!.)

Meanwhile on OKC, I hear back from Gotsy and Abby. Gotsy is glad I had a good time and thrilled that I hit it off with Abby (and TBC). She mentioned an upcoming event and asked if the three of us (me, MrS, Dude) might be attending. Abby writes me back and says that she and TBC and their girlfriend are going to a kink picnic (a similarly mixed poly/swinger/kinkster event) the next weekend. Would I be interested in attending? (Hell, YES! - if you are going to be there luscious...)

I say I'll look into it...
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